Written for Josh Ganger.


Everything in this world is subject to death, yet the pattern seen in creation displays death as a necessary part of life. It is through death that new life begins.  Creation is huge and ever growing, yet it is in this paradoxical way.  Just when things seem barren or dead, it is at that moment that rebirth occurs and fruit is formed. 

The first movement was part of a piece I wrote many years ago titled “Three Laments”.  In that piece, the lament never found its way to hope and therefore didn’t tell enough of the story.  I felt it was necessary for me to “replant” this movement in a new piece that does lead to hope of a rebirth. 

“Unless a Seed Dies” begins in a state of death through this song of lament.  The second movement is a time for deadness to have its place, as patience is formed through waiting for a new birth.  The melodic third movement represents the beginning stages of this rebirth after experiencing loss or death.