Commissioned by Eduardo Farias


Program Notes:

I am fascinated by sketches of art works that show a small glimpse of what might grow from them. It is similar to looking at a seed that has yet to be planted in the ground to die and later give birth to full life. I consider sketches to be intimate, as they show the beginning stages in creation.

These three short movements are sketches, or seeds, that come straight from my mind without much refinement. The first two movements are lyrical and have a sense of longing, as if the soloist is calling out to someone. The Final movement has much intensity and is driven by similar motives that call for sharp tonguing.

Note to performer:

The final movement should have a strict tempo, while many liberties can be taken with the other two movements. Play these movements with great expression and musicality. There should be as brief a pause as necessary between the second and third movements.


ca. 5:00