Postcard from Monterey

postcard from Monterey.png

Commissioned by Susann Blair, Director at Davis Middle School

Grade 3

Piece written for the 8th grade class at Davis Middle School in Dublin, OH. This piece is my musical postcard written for their director, Susann Blair.

Program Notes

 All thematic material in this piece derives from one melody, which is first fully stated at m. 69.  I wrote this main melody while sitting on the beach, overlooking Monterey Bay.


Educational Points

This piece presents challenges in changing articulations. Much attention should be given to achieving uniformity amongst members of the group with these articulations. The middle section of the piece also offers the opportunity to work on sustained lyrical passages, using both slurs and legato tonguing. 



This piece has three parts that can be considered three connected movements.

part 1. m. 1-57

part 2. m. 58-100

part 3. m.  101-129