Premiered by the Michigan State Trumpet Ensemble at ITG 2015 Conference in Columbus, Ohio


Program Notes:

“I saw Times Square, bright and full of light, yet I couldn’t see the stars…”

That was something I wrote on a recent visit to New York City and is one of the ideas behind “New York light”. I always enjoy spending time in NYC because of the music, arts, and creative energy.  This past trip was more contemplative for me, and this piece is a reflection on the observations and experiences I had. 

The work consists of four untitled movements, which are paired in groups of two. One could think of movement 2 as a meditation on movement 1, and likewise movement 4 as a reflection on movement 3 and the piece as a whole.  There are many recurring themes and motives throughout the work. Many of these themes make use of the whole tone scale and there is also a great deal of chromaticism.  An underlying chromatic theme is present in every movement, though often in subtle ways.