Image on Truth

Grade 4

Duration: approx. 6:30

Consortium members have performance exclusivity until July 31, 2020


Program Note:

Sojourner Truth was a deeply spiritual woman who became a speaker for abolition and women’s rights.  During one of her most famous speeches on women’s rights, Truth mentioned how deeply Jesus valued women. The Christian faith is founded on many truths. One of these truths is that all human life is valuable because all human beings are made in the image of God.  If God is of great worth, then human beings made in His image have worth. This God-given worth creates equality for all people. One of the tragedies of life is that people are not perfect image-bearers, but the New Testament states that restoration is possible. After reading about the deep faith that Sojourner Truth had, I wanted to honor her with the title revealing that she lived her life reflecting the image of God.

 Julia Ward Howe, who was also involved in the women’s suffrage movement, wrote the lyrics to “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”. The tune has a long history and was first known as “Say Brothers, Will You Meet Us”.  Given the popularity of this tune, I decided to use glimpses of it as a unifying factor in this piece.


2 Flutes



3 Bb Clarinets

Bass Clarinet

2 Alto Saxophones

Tenor Saxophone

Baritone Saxophone

3 Trumpets in Bb (Harmon Mutes needed)

2 French Horns (two players per part)

3 Tenor Trombones



Timpani, Large Suspended Cymbal

Percussion (7 players/optional 8 players):

1. Bells, Chimes

2. Marimba (4 octave), Triangle, Bass Drum

3. Marimba (4 octave), Marching Machine

4. Vibraphone, Field Drum

5. 2 Low Toms, Medium Suspended Cymbal, Crash Cymbals

6. Djembe

7. Tam-Tam (tam-tam mallets, bell mallets, stick or hot rod, and triangle beater needed), Medium Suspended Cymbal (dreadlock needed), Cabasa, Tambourine

*Optional Percussion 8: An additional djembe can be used from measure 71 through 100 if desired. This player can then double the field drum part on snare drum from 108 until the end. This requires both a field drum and a snare drum.