I will lament and love.png

I will lament and love

Grade 4 - 4.5

Duration: 9-10 minutes

Completion date was April 2018



Program Notes:

I will lament and love is both a lament and an expression of hope and strength in response to tragedy. Sorrow and hope are deeply interwoven and I find this to be a mysterious reality. I believe we drive out hate with love and we drive out despair with hope. At the same time, does despair lead us into hope? Does hate lead us into love? In other words, does violence and suffering play a mysterious role in bringing forth hope and love? Can violence inspire us to bring more beauty into the world?

When we show hope in the face of suffering, we are playing a part in defeating evil. Love can arise from lament. I long for a day when a final surge of love comes and evil no longer has a place.

Note to Conductor:

There is an optional narration toward the end of the piece. The poem was written by the composer. This should be spoken only and not included in any program notes.