Beauty Broken

I have been intrigued by still life paintings for a while now. To me, these early still life paintings are subtle. They often have skulls, dead petals on the ground, or an hour glass in the painting. Why? I think it has to do with the fact that we are finite. Even the most beautiful things pass away. How much time will each have? Why is it this way? Yet even with these subtle reminders, I don’t become overwhelmed with this reality.

Then the artist Ori Gersht comes along and hits me over the head with this idea. It is no longer so subtle. This is why I wrote Beauty Broken. I had to deal with this reality.

Blow Up, Untitled 1, 2007, Ori Gersht ∏ Ori Gersht, Private Collection.jpg

The Ohio State University Wind Symphony recorded this piece in a reading session. You can listen here: