It's been a long day of cleaning a score of a new piece, which I find terribly boring (many more cleaning days to follow!). But even still, I seem to be filled to the brim with thankfulness that I am a musician at all. What if I never went to that honor band in high school where I finally "understood" music deeply for the first time? I see many musicians conducting honor bands right now. Conductors, you may have just conducted a student who finally "gets it". You might have just changed that life forever.

I just stumbled across a note I wrote back in 2002 after a high school honor band I attended with David Gillingham:

"Music takes me to another place where I'm not concerned about the test I have to take. It just takes me away to a place I might have never been otherwise. It takes me to another world."

16 years later I am still trying to understand this "other world" that also exists in this world. And I get to do that for the rest of my life. I think this other world holds some secrets for us we may not easily understand right now. But if we'd just listen...