Thank you, David Maslanka

A great composer has passed.  I was first introduced to David Maslanka's music while working on my MM at Central Michigan.  Symphony no. 4.  What a piece.  That piece not only changed the way I write music, but it gave me a wonderful vision of heaven that can never be taken away from me.  Here is the ending of the great work:

When the Old One Hundredth sounds in it's fullness I see the victory of Christ as He entered back into His Father's presence after completing His work on this earth.  This is a vision no other piece of music has ever been able to give me.

Maslanka visited MSU a number of times during my graduate studies.  I had the privilege of meeting him and hearing him speak.  He was kind and gentle.  A deep thinker.  He stayed true to what he believed and why he writes music.  This clip of him speaking below also had a great impact on me and encouraged me in ways I cannot explain here.