Music: filler of hunger/revealer of hunger

 The best music can both fill us and reveal our hunger. Music can help us ponder the reality of this life as well as the next. It can awaken wonder in us. It can fill our souls with beauty while it sounds. It can create channels within us that allow space for more beauty to be carried inside us throughout this life. It is food that provides filling and energy for a brief amount of time, and then leaves us hungry for True Food when it ends.  It is a pointer. A shadow of what is to come. In other words, it whets our appetite for everlasting Beauty. At it's best, music is a vehicle that allows us to connect with our True Home for a short period of time during our exile on this earth. 

Lyrics are not necessary to reveal the character of God. They aren't necessary to glorify Him. Ofcourse what we hear is incomplete for true reality and it cannot point to any one thing about Him in particular with exact precision. But music can reveal something outside of itself. God created the tone in such a way that we can use harmony and counterpoint to reveal truth. Appalachian Spring, for example, creates longing in such a way that it connects that longing with the Word within me. It fills me with memories of a city I have yet to enter. It increases my desire for it (Hebrews 11:16). And it does so with absolutely no words.