Music Education

We live in a world where people live as if 2 +2 = 5, yet a math teacher would never teach such a thing. However, many music teachers seem fine with letting the brokenness of a culture into their classroom as if it is a good thing. Truth has left music more than it has any other subject. We do not need poor quality pieces in the music classroom. It hinders progress from understanding the true beauty of music. Teachers are using "pop" music and justifying it by saying it holds an audience's attention or it hooks their students. But If you use it to get students interested in music or interested in playing an instrument, you'll have to continue to use it to keep them in the program. Instead, shouldn't we teach them how to struggle through not always connecting with something instantly? Shouldn't we teach them how to find the wonderful layers that great music has? That is what will lead to a deeper love. To quote Stravinsky: 

"The trouble with music appreciation in general is that people are taught to have too much respect for music; they should be taught to love it instead."

Culture is like soil, in that it has layers and layers of death. The problem is that it is shallow, not deep soil. When a beautiful seed, such as "classical" music falls on it, it can take no root. Not teaching students how to listen to true music is like dropping seeds that will never stand a chance of growing into anything great. First, we must till the soil and prepare them for how to love great and beautiful things. It starts in the music classroom.