In Praise: of the Calidore String Quartet

The Calidore String Quartet gave a performance at the Columbus Museum of Art this afternoon. They peformed Mozart's Divertimento in F major, K. 138 and Ravel's String Quartet in F major. You know you've witnessed a great performance when you realized everything in the room was dead only after hearing music enter and fill the hall with life. Just as you don't know what sleep is while you are sleeping, but only when you are awake. It takes a quartet of musicians very much alive and in tune with the creator of the composition and also with each other to bring a piece of music to life in all it's fullness. A composer can write a piece and bring it to completion but it doesn't have life until performers breathe that life into it. And the performers need to be very much alive to the spirit of the work to play with full life-giving power.

The musicians in the Calidore Quartet had an intimate relationship with the characters (phrases, gestures, etc) in the music. They handled the dissonance in the Mozart with a tender strength. They played the Ravel with a broken-hearted boldness. These paradoxical qualities not only describe how humans should be, but also great musicians and communicators.